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Black dialects are "ghetto" & "uneducated"

Black dialects like Ebonics English, French Creole, and Dominican / Carribean Spanish are often viewed as “broken” versions of their standard languages.

Black people don’t speak more than 1 language

Especially in the United States (because only approximately 4% of African Americans are bilingual), people don’t believe Black people speak anything other than English.

Black people just aren’t good at language

Because people think Black dialects are not “real” language, they believe Black people do not have good language skills.


✅ Our African ancestors spoke 3+ languages

Africa also has the worlds most languages with 2,000+ languages.

Language is not just in our capabilities.

It’s in our roots.

In our blood.

In our DNA.

✅ We don’t speak broken languages

We speak dialects.

Dialects with their own grammatical rules, syntax, and words.

They are not uneducated versions.

They are their own unique and structured dialects.

✅ It’s time that we show off our language skills

We are not uneducated language speakers.

We are language creators with the ability to learn ANY language.

About the Founder

Ren Jones is a language enthusiast who teaches Spanish for the Black community free on YouTube.

After learning that only about 4% of African Americans are bilingual, he was inspired to find a way to increase that number.

Ren is determined to not only change the perception of Black language learning, but to also call attention to the fact that Ebonics and other Black dialects are real dialects and not unintelligent speech.